Sam The Illusionist – Keeping It Real

Sam talks about being a Walk-In, and how his behaviour has changed since becoming a walk-in 1.5years ago. We talk about self-hypnosis, higher self, vibration, and channelling beings of light. Sam is a wonderful man who wants to help others on their journeys in this lifetime, I could talk to Sam for hours he is full of wisdom. Thank you Sam! Notice how you feel when the dogs start to bark, how easily it is to be distracted. Please contact Sam @ YouTube:… Instagram: If you want to know your past lives and your lesson for your current lifetime and your soul name, email me at Get in touch with Michelle Carpenter: Web: Facebook Instagram: Michelle Carpenter is an international spiritual medium, grief and trauma intuitive and she channels the Council of 8 Michelle Carpenter facilitates people on their journey of healing, guiding clients to go back into their heart space. Michelle helps to peel back the deep subconscious layers, she is able to “see and feel” if there are any blocks within a person’s body and mind, helping them to release any of those blocks, bringing more joy and lightness into their selves and their outer world. Michelle Carpenter is a healer who is centred around working and supporting people to share their joy, their love and their light with the world. Michelle Carpenter has abilities as a Spiritual Medium, Grief and Trauma Intuitive and an Energy and Vibrational Healer. Council of 8 Michelle channels the Council of 8 , they are angelic beings and ascended masters who once walked the earth and are now guiding humans on their own individual journeys, keeping it real and simple, helping each individual to shift their vibration in each session. Podcast Michelle Carpenter hosts her own podcast “Keeping it Real” in which she talks to people from around the world about their lives and their healing experiences and how they can share this knowledge and experience with others to help them on their journey. #keepingitreal #michellecarpenter #medium #podcasting #spirituality #healing #councilof8 #selfhelp #energyreading #energyhealing #griefandloss #griefawareness

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