Michelle Carpenter


All my services are available online. I work with people around the world, I do one on one as well as group sessions, over zoom, Skype or in person.
I have a gift of reading and sensing a person’s heart as it “contracts when in sadness, and expands when in joy/bliss/expansion” My abilities allow me to see and feel where emotions and trauma are being held within the body, and within your field, being guided to the root cause of the trauma, and if the holding within your body, is intergenerational or ancestral trauma.
I use breath, movement and music to move emotions and to release any blocks in a way that bypasses the conscious mind. I chant, whistle and sing in these sessions to help your inner vibration and emotions shift, bringing a different lightness into your body, helping your outer vibration shift.
I connecting to your field, I am shown your timelines, past lives included, and what is being held within your energetic blue print, guiding you to let go, allowing the expansion within your body and field.  I dive deep within every session, as your body is always “talking to me” as you are sharing your story with me.
I receive guidance from loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. The information I receive from spirit is always to support my clients on their journey of healing and growth within the grieving.  In these re-connections, the information and connections are incredibly beautiful and can have us all laughing and crying together. They are rich in healing energy, light-heartedness and absolute joy and I am truly blessed to be the channel to facilitate these divine re-connections.
I am blessed to channel The Council of 8, who are Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings of Light, who have once walked the earth planes. They give guidance in a simple and easy way to understand and they have shown me they are from the 15th Dimension. Please feel free to come with questions if you have any.
Please know that our journey is not a quick fix. Grieving is allowing yourself to let go within the moment of being vulnerable, and in the letting go, the healing happens. Even if you are wanting to connect to a loved one who has passed over, follow up sessions are incredibly healing to help integrate what message came through from spirit guides and guardian angels.
I would highly recommend booking 3 x 1 hour weekly sessions at first, as grieving is a process and our bodies and hearts take time to heal in the letting go, and connecting into your heart and reactivating your inner light to shine bright is saying to yourself “I am worth it!”

Even if you choose to book with the Council of 8, they have so much information and its great to process and then come back to hear and ask more for your inner light to be activated! 


In Love and Gratitude

Spiritual Medium

Connecting you to your loved ones that have passed over.

Council of 8

Channelling Angelic beings of light and Ascended Masters.

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Michelle holds a sacred space in which you will feel nourished, understood and heard, encouraging you to feel and allowing yourself to unravel the layers that are holding you back in this life. Allowing and encouraging you to trust yourself, Michelle can guarantee laughter and feeling lighter after each session!

Michelle offers one on one readings and sessions in her home in Nelson, New Zealand. If you are based anywhere else in the world, she offers readings and sessions via audio, Zoom, Skype